Why are about pages so difficult to write? I’ve been staring at this page for at least 30 minutes now…so here it is:

I love the beach life and everything that comes with it.

I am a total foodie and really enjoy playing with new recipes in the kitchen. As a newly convert pescatarian, I am re-evaluating my relationship with a ton of vegetables and some fish, so that will be the subject of a lot of posts.

I have a massive sweet tooth that never seems satiated, so here’s to hoping you like sweets!

Occasionally I get myself mixed up in a DIY project or two and those will likely make their way to the blog for your reading pleasure.

I have a nifty camera that I’m still trying to figure out, so hopefully everything will be beautifully, photographically represented too.

You will, from time to time, see our fur babies pop up on the blog: Zoey the Lab, Milo the Beautiful, Maggie the Bossy, and Tini the Hunter. And the mentions of a bf will be referring to my amazing love, Paul.


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