chex krispy treats


A little twist on a basically perfect sweet treat. That’s how I roll. There is a local coffee shop here that had some krispy treats made with chex mix and I decided I was game! My trend lately is the super easy recipe and this one fits right in.

Before we start…when did there become 27 different types of chex mix? I had no idea. I’ve never been so indecisive about cereal in my life. I went with corn chex mix, not because it is gluten-free or corn, but because the person beside me was humming loudly and starting to freak me out. It did occur to me later though that this would be good with any of the other varieties of chex as well. Chocolate and honey nut sound particularly delicious. Just from food for thought. (ha.)


Here’s what you’ll need:

chex mix
sprinkles (or whatever you decide to dress them up with)
wax paper

Step 1: Melt the butter and marshmallows.


Put the butter in a medium to large size bowl and microwave for about a minute if it is cold. If your butter is room temperature, it won’t take nearly as long. Add the marshmallows and stir them to coat. The only way to possibly make a marshmallow better is to coat it in butter. Lucky for you, you don’t need the ENTIRE bag of marshmallows, so “taste-testing” is totally acceptable and definitely encouraged!


Next you’ll want to melt the marshmallows in the microwave. It only takes a minute or so. I always love the consistency of the melted marshmallows – they still barely hold their shape, but you know everything in your kitchen is about to be covered in sticky.

Step 2: Gettin’ sticky with it!

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah… anyone? Okay…


This part is so much fun, it is probably my favorite. Add all the chex mix to the melted marshmallows and butter…the calm before the storm. This can be really fun with kids too, just do it before bath time and not after…


I use a plastic spatula because it makes for an easier clean up. Make sure you fold them in gently, you don’t want to end up with a bunch of crushed chex squares. The chex texture is part of what makes this version of krispy treats so much fun!

(well, that and the sprinkles. sprinkles make everything fabulous.)


Speaking of sprinkles… like that segue? Add a bunch of them. As many as your colorful heart desires. I think I ended up adding about a 1/4 cup when it was all said and done AND I added even more to the top. I have a thing for sprinkles.

Step 3: Spread it out.


Now, we could be totally predictable and put these in a greased pan and cut them into squares later… Or, we could be awesome and just let the chex fall as they may on a piece of parchment paper. (I’m in a punny mood tonight. Ha.)


I would suggest that you deal with this immediately. If you only put it in the sink and fill it with water and soap, you will really appreciate yourself later. It will be a sticky mess. Everything will be a brilliant stick mess and totally worth it. Even my camera had a slight layer of sticky on it after this recipe.

Step 4: Cut and ENJOY!


Look at all that gooey goodness! You’ll need to wait for a little while before you cut and dig into these beauties. If you’re really impatient, the freezer will speed up the process.

Distract yourself by washing that bowl…


I opted to cut these all willy-nilly and get a little creative, but you could just cut them in squares in be done with it.


The really great thing about this recipe is that you can modify it in so many ways. Add chocolate chips and nuts or go with white chocolate and butterscotch. I love the rainbow sprinkles, but you could go with chocolate instead. The possibilities really are endless.




1 10oz bag of marshmallows
1/4 cup of butter
4 cups of chex mix
1/4 cup of sprinkles

Begin by melting butter for 1 minute in the microwave in large microwave safe bowl. Add marshmallows and stir until evenly coated with melted butter. Return bowl to microwave and melt marshmallows, about 1 minute. Gently fold in chex mix until completely covered. Add in sprinkles and fold until combined. Transfer mixture of a sheet of parchment paper or a greased baking dish. Let cool for 15 minutes. Cut and ENJOY!



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