the kitchen sink burger

Hello all! So this evening I decided I’d post a turkey burger recipe that I love and use frequently, partially because is a delicious recipe and partially because I would like the blogging world to know that I cook things other than cupcakes.

This is a pretty relaxed recipe, I usually just throw whatever we have in the fridge into the burger. It is a great way to use up leftover cheese and stale bread, this is why I call this the “kitchen sink burger”. Regardless of the flavoring choice, I always start with ground turkey, I don’t use the 99% fat free stuff, because I don’t like my burgers to taste like cardboard, but that would make it even healthier. I generally go for the 94% fat free stuff, but I always make sure that the meat is humanely raised and treated. One of these days I will probably end up going vegetarian, but until then, I do what I can. But that’s a different blog…

Mmmmm raw meat... not.

Mmmmm raw meat… not.

It is not easy to make raw meat look snazzy…which is why there are probably 39 variations of the above pictures on my camera. I settled on this one, it should be an indication of how hard it is to get a picture of raw meat under overhead lights. Some more green would have helped in this picture… Back to the recipe… Tonight I combined ground turkey, egg, bread crumbs, minced garlic, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and cheese (feta this time) in the bowl. I usually take the turkey and egg out of the refrigerator a few minutes before I make the burgers because they are WAY to cold to mix by hand otherwise. Obviously, you don’t want to let the meat get to room temperature because it will go bad, the meat and the evening.

still pretty lame looking, but they are destined for greatness

still pretty lame looking, but they are destined for greatness

Then it is time to take the jewelry off and get messy! I get in there and mix it with my hands (the greatest instrument in the kitchen) and form 4, relatively, equal patties. This will help with even cooking times. No need to get the scale out, doing it by sight will be fine. The type of cheese that I use in the burger changes based on what is in the fridge, but I always add some. I love the texture and flavor that it lends to the recipe. This doesn’t mean that I don’t melt it on top sometimes too…I love cheese. I find that feta pairs well with the turkey, so I use it a lot.

I like a good char...which is good because I always end up with one...

I like a good char…which is good because I always end up with one…

I have a handy dandy stovetop grill. Okay, I think it is technically a panini pan, but whatever. I use it to grill burgers and veggies sometimes. It is a nice substitution for a grill because we don’t have one, yet.  Depending on how large your burgers are, you’ll need at least 5 minutes a side to cook it all the way through. I judge the doneness by sight and feel, but, if you’re feeding these to kids or are legitimately worried about poisoning people shoot for around 165 degrees Fahrenheit in the center for turkey.

dinner time!

dinner time!

French fries make the perfect side for these burgers, tonight I got lazy and just baked some frozen ones. When I’m feeling really adventurous, I make my own. But, let’s be real, who wants that mess on a Monday night? Not. Me.

my mouth is watering all over again

my mouth is watering all over again

I always opt for some sort of greens (tonight we had baby romaine in the fridge, sometimes it is spinach) and tomato as a topping. Ketchup and mayo usually make it on there as well. Of course, you can also add onion, BACON, cheese and various other toppings as well.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that, while handling raw meat, you want to make sure that all work surfaces, bowls, utensils and yourself are washed well with disinfecting soap. No salmonella up in here!

Ground turkey is always on my grocery list, there are so many things that can be made with it, so I know it will get used during the week. And never in the same way. I love to use stale bread for the bread crumbs in the recipe, they help with the flavor in the burger and, I think, it also helps with the texture. The egg is also to help with the flavor and acts as a binder too. Outside of those, the other flavors and add ins are totally up you! Start with a 1lb of ground turkey (feeds 4) and go crazy to town! The best part is that it only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and there aren’t many things to wash when it is finished!

Eat up!


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