I decided to do a little pantry reorganization yesterday, nothing earth shattering, just a little tidying up. It is surprisingly difficult to find shelves to put in the bottom of a pantry and I’m not totally happy with the one that I finally settled on. And, as usual, organizing anything makes me want to make a trip to IKEA – which is always dangerous. We spent some time working on the garage recently and I don’t even want to talk about what it looks like now… hopefully this will stay organized a little longer.

It is so important to have an organized pantry, it is such a high traffic area that, if not maintained constantly, if can go to hell pretty quickly. Exhibit A:


Look at all that crap crammed in there! The pink container used to hold the dog food, but we have a different tin for that now and we rarely buy in bulk anymore, unless there’s a really great sale. Getting that container out of there really helped a lot – throwing away empty (or stale) boxes of cereal also helped… I now have two shelves that hold the baking/raw ingredient stuff and another for just cans and more perishable items.

bottom shelf
bottom shelf

This the shelf I ultimately decided on, I figured when I find on that works better for us it can go under the sink or in the garage for more storage. I took one of the shelf parts from it and use it in the top of the pantry, so I could add a level up there without it falling through those holey white shelves that comprise our pantry right now.

clear container
clear container

I love the idea of using these clear drawers – not only do they corral smaller things in the pantry, but if you group items together you can just grab the container when you’re ready to bake, cook, etc. I have 3 right now – baking, cooking and pet food – and they serve us really well.

stadium seating
stadium seating

There is so much wasted space in the top of the pantry! This shelf helps some and I plan on getting another one eventually for the other side of that top shelf. I also love storing all of my dry ingredients in clear containers, not only does it help preserve them better than the bags they come in, but is also makes it quick to look in and grab what you need to make dinner. It also looks cooler. 🙂

photo (1)

So there it is – phase one of the pantry redo. Next is to replace those white shelves with some solid, more substancial shelves. I would also like to try and utilize the back of the door for hanging things and use some of that wasted space up in the top of the pantry. Nothing glamorous, but it makes getting food out of the pantry a whole lot better!



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